Be showered in love and petals on your wedding day. Lots of beautiful colour mixes available, choose between simple or personalised stickers for your packets. Or choose loose quantities to use in your flower girl basket or aisle.

Throw Petal Pouches

Available for $3.50 with a basic “Throw Me” sticker of $4 with a personalised sticker. A handful of dried petals in a clear bag. Frosted bags will be available soon.

Colour combinations currently available and ready for pickup/delivery:

  • pinks and whites
  • purple, mauve and cream
  • reds
  • mixed with pinks, reds, blue, greens, whites

Available soon, awaiting final drying process:

  • white and creams
  • lavender
  • gum leaves



Coming Soon – Unique flower girl baskets!



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Just Throw Me is part of Bella In Bloom, a boutique event florist specialising in weddings, events, workshops and flower crowns.